In this video I go over the advantages and disadvantages of running your Foundry VTT Dungeons and Dragons games from your local machines vs the cloud.
I will talk about hosting using The Forge as I believe that’s the best overall cloud hosting option right now.

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6 thoughts on “Should YOU be hosting Foundry VTT from the Cloud?”
  1. I host from my PC and use NGROK for dealing with all that port forwarding nonsense. It's easy to set up and I just have to start the Ngrok program and share the link with my players. I had really loved Forge, but my games had just too much stuff in them and I had to keep buying more space on their servers. It just because too expensive. Now I'm running Foundry for free and have not had any problems at all.

    One major advantage you didn't mention for hosting on your PC is that setting up the game is so much easier as you're just transferring files on your hard drive. If the players do something unexpected, you can load in new maps or art fairly quickly, as opposed to having to upload them to Forge and then load them into your game.

  2. Oracle Cloud Hosting is a great option as well and they have an "Always Free Tier" that is MORE than adequate for Foundry. You can get 6 vCPUs and 100gb of storage 100% for free. The Up/Down is 500mbps. There's a fantastic guide on the Foundry wiki for anyone interested. Just take a little bit of comfort navigating some Windows Powershell and a command line.

  3. I was hosting my Foundry game. It became a pain in the arse. Especially when my ISP did something that screwed with my port forwarding. I switched to The Forge and it has been smooth sailing ever since and it is so much easier to manage using their services.

  4. We move from Roll20 to Foundry VTT local and then to Forge 1 year ago, and we love the change. We are happy in Forge <3 With every update is getteing better

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