Today I shall show thee the steps to accomplish thine Skyrim moddeth needs…

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34 thoughts on “SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) Install Tutorial 2017”
  1. I'm amazed that this has reached 100k views, just in time for Christmas! Of all the Fallout modding, streams, ancient gameplay videos and whatnot, this rose to the top. Given how many of you pointed out my lack of enthusiasm back when I recorded this 2 years ago, I'd certainly be up for a redo if requested. Thank you for watching, if you'd like to look behind the scenes or just fiddle around, you can find a link to my discord server below… have a good one!
    Mod List:
    Load Order:

  2. I've been unable to install skse for years (Yes I'm that incompetent) but you sir gave a no bullshit guide, that helped me. Thank you.

  3. it doesn't work for me. i tried but i couldn't use the "mod configuration" bar and SkyUI didn't work as well (actually yes but there's a message saying that something with the skse is wrong or something)

  4. When i try to paste the files into my skyrim folder it asks if i want to replace the Data folder,but I'm pretty sure I need skyrim to keep that so what do I do?

  5. When i open it i get an error saying Couldnt retrieve EXE information. some help pls?? ty! this probably happend because i downloaded SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users

    Edit: seems like Skyrim has the same problem… I cant even play now great -_-

  6. Actually, it should read "I shall show ye" not thee. "ye" is actually the plural subject form. Thee is the singular object form. So it would read "Today, I shall show thee the steps…" Oh yeah, thanks for the video! 🙂

  7. Not sure which would be more painful… Stabbing myself ten times in the neck with a shorty rusty kitchen knife, … or installing more than 10 mods & this with SKSE.

  8. Wait if i have the special edition on pc i wont be able to use this? because i can't add SKSE scripts to my nexus mod manager.

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