STEPS TO WRITE A COMIC SCRIPT // Watercolor Ink speedpaint + chat

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Hope you guys like this video 😀 I’m gonna try very hard to move my script forward and hopefully start planning production soon, and will most likely be doing a lot more visdev as well. If you’d like to support this effort, you can do so by getting something from my shop, or checking out my tutorials on Gumroad xD Links below
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23 thoughts on “STEPS TO WRITE A COMIC SCRIPT // Watercolor Ink speedpaint + chat

  1. What kind of psychology YouTube’s channels do you follow? I listen to a lot of podcast on psychology and philosophy and would love some more resources. Also, since you finished your script for chapter one( congrats!) I’m curious which method you find easiest: screenplay format or the comic format?

  2. Upon seeing the final result of these images on IG I was impressed. Now knowing it's a combination of watercolor and colored pencils my brain screamed "what sorcery is this?!". On a more serious note I found this video to be inspiring and now I understand why my world building never worked out was because it was wishy washy. Thank you for making this uplifting video.

  3. I’m really excited for your comic, I think a lot of artists run into problems where they aren’t as focused on the story, themes, characters etc as much as they are focused on drawing cool things. A good artists isn’t necessarily a good writer/story teller. I’m also the kind of person to focus on characters first but lately I’ve been starting with thematic ideas I want to communicate and then crafting a story/characters that demonstrate that. Particularly I like drawing on philosophical ideas for my stories (ideas lol). My favorite books/movies/tv shows often base themselves on more esoteric ideas and I love how they are able to communicate these ideas in fiction.

  4. After my A levels I hope to also start working on my own comic, so I'm exited for further videos on your project, this and last ones concerning this topic really helped to motivate me to work on my idea and made me exited to realise it.

  5. Your art is so beautiful, and I really love your videos. ♥ I could watch them for hours without getting bored.
    I currently work on a comic script for a short webcomic project, which I will hopefully start publishing in May (we'll see…). I finally finished the first draft of my script but noticed that there are some parts I don't like, so I need to rewrite it. After that, I will probably start some thumbnail sketches. Videos like these come in handy, so thank you for sharing your tips. ^^

  6. I really appreciate these videos about comics! I really hope to make one myself someday and your videos are really helping me to work towards it ✨❤️ And, I love your art so much!

  7. OOOOF I LOOOVE your traditional work and seeing watercolors on your thumbnail just got me excited (dont get me wrong, your digital art is really gorgeous as well)
    And comic writing is actually something i tried and kinda failed and i dont know how to do it xD

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