With this new transfer patch I explain why it will the be Death Of Ark if the Devs dont change it.

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26 thoughts on “THE DEATH OF ARK?

  1. The problem with ark: I want to play by myself and have fun, but I can’t do that on single player as you can’t change difficulty and make levels higher. I can’t transfer to other maps on single player, making bored of one. And I can’t have my friends on a non dedicated server because there is a tether that prevents them from going 200m away from me. So I go to pvp servers, but always get wiped by a random guy who I’ve never see his tribe name before and lives on another map and server.

  2. I play single player. But I do play a bit of online on ragnarok I build a pretty tiny base alone and scavenging all raided base I tame a Gallimimus and level speed so much. Right when a tribe soaks or destroys the turrets and wall I spring into action with a tiny amount of c4 my Gallimimus i leveled on
    Y weight and speed after I sneak in a base I can break 1 or 2 vaults and if the raiding tribe is really dumb then I can get 3 vaults then I run back to a decoy base if they follow me. That base has a decoy Gallimimus inside to make them think they got me but when they leave I go back to my real base which is in a cave in Scotland and it’s ALOT of walls and behemoth gates.

  3. Update to this after 4 years, number of mega tribes have dropped, but player skill and experience has increased massively. Newbie tribes are almost non existent at this point on certain maps, especially those controlled by the top alphas or megas. Now no map is safe, there is a huge bottleneck to break through the newbie level, and the easiest way to enjoy official pvp is joining a mega yourself. Only the very top tribes can offer a really good experience.

    From my almost 4 year experience on pvp officials, now in one of the top tribes.

  4. You got this absolutely spot on dude. The crazy thing is though the mega tribes and alliances are 10000x bigger than we could have ever expected.

  5. Coming from the future…he was right, on PS4 there are 3 tribes, if you’re not part of of those you get wiped, if you are part of those on a small alliance type basis…you get wiped

  6. Looking back, this didn't kill ark per se, but…
    What it did do is make in-server raiding practically inviable. Either you ally with the server or get insta-wiped. Raiding was and is entirely focused on outside server (and this means the ones that aren't allied to your own, adding to the problem. After cryopods became widespread, smaller bases became much more viable for the long term and it's easier to hide and not necessary to ally with the whole server. That is still on the premise that you wouldn't be internal raiding to not attract heat, and so that after a while server regulars realize your not there to war with them from another server. But hey, pvp is still absurdly toxic

  7. After playing various servers in 2020 I can say the most fun I had was playing on the apocalypse servers which basically solves this problem cuz the whole cluster is wiped every 30 days and people keep coming back so much that it’s hard to even have a spot open when logging in. Is it chaotic witch 70 people online? Yes that’s what makes it fun. Is it hard to start up? Not at all just raid some one not paying attention. Also the small tribes server cluster solves this too

  8. Its 2020 and yeah the part about mega tribes having endless loot is still a thing. They need to wipe every server every character fresh start. Plus the stats for DMS tames are CRAZY now. Back when the game first came out no one had a clue what they were doing and now its just 24/7 war, trolls, insiding, and meshing. I wish I could go back to the good old days of turret quetzals lol. If anyone wants to BS with me my gt on xbox is GUSTRON 02.

  9. The problem is that if you start in easy area's you going to get killed continuously by asshole players who have unlocked everything, and if you go to the harder area's you going to get killed by every dino that sees you, it's becoming unplayable,and the devs pretty much ruined the game with adding shit like MEK'S

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