The HUGE costs of hosting an F1 race

There are a HUGE amount of things an F1 track has to pay out for before it can be considered ‘ready’ for an F1 race. SUBSCRIBE …

43 thoughts on “The HUGE costs of hosting an F1 race

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  2. I figure some tracks should just be grandfathered in, why is taking Monaco off even a discussion, it should stay. . .forever
    but as well as

    for their history and location

  3. So basically the reason tracks everyone hates like Yas Marina hang around is because rich oil Sheikhs/Kings/etc are willing to pay stupid money to host an F1 race…

  4. I remember the moment Silverstone had to activate the clause that allowed to terminate the contract

    The latest upgrades had been getting done to Silverstone including purpose built “wing” building exclusively for the F1
    But it had reached a point where they either sacrificed the F1 race or started to lose money hand over fist

    Silverstone’s finances are so tight involving the F1 they almost went bankrupt during the COVID pandemic

    Silverstone now pays a steady 25m over the next few seasons but the termination clause is still in there

    Silverstone is still on the calendar because Liberty Media wanted to keep it and made a deal but there is no guarantee the deal will be able to be sustained

  5. It's tricky for some tracks. I know that even well used tracks like Silverstone struggle financially sometimes. Maybe cheaper hosting fees might allow ticket prices to be slightly cheaper and more people might attend?
    I don't think that's necessarily a solution for all circuits though as the Silverstone GP usually gets close to sold out most years, with only the lowest tier of tickets being available at points.

  6. I think you brushed over one key aspect – the purchasing of 'soft' diplomatic power through hosting events tied in with sports washing. Think Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia etc… This is a continuing theme for WTF1 from what I've seen unfortunately

  7. i can definitely say that this are expensive since seeing the ticket for the Miami GP are through the roof have to make your money some how

  8. I guess visitors from overseas play a role in how much money can a F1 race make. For example, you mentioned South Korea and India, I would never visit these countries for F1 race. Not sure if F1 fans like to go to countries like Bahrain, Azerbaijan , Russia, Saudi Arabia. Would be interesting to see which GPs are profitable and loss making.

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  10. As someone who will be doing Formula E in Vancouver this year you are leaving out all the audio visual cost and also things like carpet installation at venues which total roughly another $1,000,000

  11. I wanted to go to my first F1 race, this year being held in Montreal Canada. It was $1500 a person for the privilege of standing somewhere behind a fence.

  12. This video has really answered my high curiosity of how much capital and effort does it really need to host an F1 race and also the background faces and challanges of each grand Prix tournaments so Keep it Up 👍👍👊👊

  13. No it shouldn’t be cheaper. One of the reasons I love F1 is that it is dreamlike. It is over the top, out of the realm of my daily life; elite of elite.

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  15. Being from South Africa I can tell you that unfortunately the economy is not doing brilliantly and it will cost a lot to host the race, particularly because of the Rand in comparison to the Dollar. Hope this is not true though 😢

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