The Police shooting of Daniel Shaver in Mesa, Arizona hosted by Tyson Draper

This morning I visited this actual La Quinta hotel in Mesa, Arizona and tried to rent room 502, Daniel Shaver’s room, but was told it was not available for tonight. However, I was able to get footage of outside the room, where Daniel was murdered in cold blood.

Tonight I will be going LIVE to show you actual footage and have a discussion about whether officer Philip Brailsford was justified in this horrific police shooting.

In the wake of the shooting, Brailsford was re-hired by the Mesa Police Department for 42 days, received a $2500 a month pension and walked away. Let’s re-examine this case under a 2021 lens and see if Brailsford got away with murder and money. Join me tonight for this riveting discussion. See you there!


39 thoughts on “The Police shooting of Daniel Shaver in Mesa, Arizona hosted by Tyson Draper

  1. Hey Tyson! Yikes 😳 it’s definitely misuse of force, in my opinion. Geez 🙄 what is going on out there with some of these LE officers – yikes!!! Seriously anger management needs to be enforced for sure!

    PS: I just sent Dusty an email regarding permission to search 🔦 3 areas in Salida- re another boots 🥾 on the ground search in the Suzanne Morfew case. In case you and Chappie return this Spring?

    PSS: 🥳 Happy Birthday Tyson’s Mom! Love the intro Tyson! Emailed Dusty because I could not locate the email for your channel.

  2. Dear Lord, I have watched lots of true crime for decades AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE!!! This is straight-up 1st-degree murder and now it gets paid $2500/month for the rest of his life??? I am so glad I live where I do. Mercy me that cop was on a power trip like no other, what an a**hole!!!!

  3. Absolutely disgusting & straight up murderous! I'm Australian & makes me so mad seeing police not held accountable by the courts & often also their peers. We don't have as many police killings here as you do, but Indigenous deaths in custody due to police mishandling, assault, neglect, has for decades & still is ongoing injustices for families of victim. Not one police officer has ever been convicted of murder, manslaughter, absolutely nothing, even when there mistreatment has been recorded. Its just not ok & is absolutely heartbreaking.

  4. Thank you so much Tyson and Thomas for this episode. This case really give a bad name to the police officers. Mitch definitely was all over the top and murdered Daniel. He shouldn't be allowed to carry weapons in the society.

  5. Tyson the only Justification I can see is when he raised his arm and bent his elbow just seconds before the shots were fired..They told him not to raise his arms while crawling..But what I dont understand is why didnt they send an officer behind him while he was spread face down on the ground and detain him..This is not proper protocol they are supposed to deescalate the situation not amp it up..which the officer was doing..All they knew was somebody had a gun but did they know it was a long gun and not a pistol…This video is disgusting I hope some officers learned from it..

  6. Tyson , what can the public do in cases like this, other than bringing awareness and putting pressure on our State representatives, to change this type of corruption? Are we the public, allowed to file suit against someone, like Mitch, to seek justice for the family and friends who lost Daniel? His acquittal and then re'l-hire AFTER MURDER , THEN a paid LIFE pension and retirement is DISGUSTING. And this happens ALL THE TIME. What can we do ? Or are we just stuck in a world where execution and murder by a public peace officer is just simply collateral damage and expected?

  7. just by the words he used, "if either of you make a mistake, you are both likely to be shot!" this guy was on a powertrip and was looking for this once in a lifetime case where he had the opportunity to use that gun……i stand behind good cops 100% but this guy obviously not 1 of those, i also dont believe he has ptsd from the shooting, his ptsd comes from the lawsuits and the fact he knows he should have been convicted and behind bars for life!!!!!

  8. Maybe you mentioned it, Tyson, but the JURY was NOT allowed to view the UNEDITED version of the body-cam video. They were also NOT allowed to know about the inscription on the murderer's weapon. (I use the word murderer and not killer, intentionally.) There is apparently high-profile, NON-PARTISAN condemnation of Brailsford's actions and the verdict.

  9. Being from AZ actually living in mesa at the time of this I was floored when this came out! Especially since my dad and brother were both in LE in AZ sheriffs now my brother is PD. My grandpa and cousins were with DPS so, being around LE my whole life I’ve seen and heard so much but, this was disturbing!! However; I’ve met more amazing police officers than horrible but, there are definitely some bad apples! The instructions he gave him were confusing and even if he felt at risk why have him come to you missing was spot on!! Also, why couldn’t he just use the taser?!? It’s so confusing and I have said police need to have constant training! Now with the body cam I feel there should be a department who go over the footage and look for teachable moments or if there are hate crimes just so many things to look for. Anyway, looking back this family lost a father and a husband because someone misread a situation so horribly when no other police officer there called him out or to chill not escalate like he did 😔

  10. that was blatent murder, they had the lady cuffed so the next step would have been for the cops to move to the guy not have the guy crawling down the hallway

  11. Great video Tyson!!!! Unbelievably sad that cop took it to that extreme, no one should be spoken to like that. POOR KID. I was so shocked while watching. Great job 🙏🐅❤👍

  12. Hi Tyson, as I have mentioned before, I live in Mesa and I was aware of this murder, as many times as I've watched it it still horrifies me. No question 'Mitch' was in the wrong, but I haven't seen anyone else comment on the JURY! How could a jury watch this, I'm sure the other officers THAT HELD THEIR FIRE were called as witnesses, and they rendered a NOT GUILTY verdict?!? Shows how brainwashed society is that cops can do no wrong. I'm a supporter of law enforcement and have had friends on this PD, including a homicide detective, and this makes them ALL look bad. Side note: Mesa PD got called out for expunging officers records after only 6 months, so had he been reprimanded for the 2015 situation, it would have been cleared by this shooting. Also until recently AZ didn't have centralized police firings so they could just go join another force. Our police definitely need to be restructured and even retrained.
    Also, Happy Birthday Carolyn H, that is also my daughter's name. 🙂

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