The Script – Run Through Walls (Official Track By Track)

The Script – Run Through Walls (Official Track By Track)
‘Sunsets & Full Moons’ the number 1 album, out now!


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26 thoughts on “The Script – Run Through Walls (Official Track By Track)

  1. This song already had a lot of meaning to me because my friends got me through a hard time when the album was released, and it means even more now after losing my stepdad on the 8th of August. My closest friends did run through walls for me, my best friend even attending his funeral with me in spite of everything that she already had going on. Big love to you Danny, and everyone who has had to lose a parental figure in their life ❤️ that shit sucks

  2. When my mom died, my best friend (from high school) and I made up and she came over and took me on smoke ride. I’ll never forget that. He’s right, you really do figure out who is there for you and who will show up in those times of need…I miss you, mom.

  3. Im glad you got to see some good out of it, usualy people focus on the bad too much to where the good never occurs to them or dosnt have any impact.
    Death isnt good, im not saying it is,
    But there are some beautiful things that happen afterwards if you pay attention, like how people cometogether to help someone with loss, or to help someone who is struggling….
    People are pretty amazing~

  4. Run Through Walls is a song that has touched me more than most songs. This song is a description of my best friend's and my friendship. On 17 november 2018 she came to The Netherlands (she is from Sweden) to live with me. She suffers from severe depression and she couldn't get the right help in Sweden. She has visited and met with many therapists, but they all didn't listen to her and weren't good for her. We don't really speak about her father, because of the things he has done to her and her family. Now she lives with me for over a year and she is so, so much better than last year. She isn't there yet, but I know she will be. Whenever I listen to this song, it reminds of our friendship and the things we have done for each other. Whether that be a shoulder to cry on or letting her live with me

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