Fox News host gives his take on the president’s new pick for press secretary on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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By admin

31 thoughts on “Tucker: Karine Jean-Pierre knows the script cold”
  1. America does have a big problem with race and I do feel the hate – for white people! Mainly white straight conservative MEN. And I say change the alphabet soup gender thing from LGB… to A-Z

  2. Um, just saying…….she may be a "woman of color", but she is not African-American.

    Born in Martinique, to two Haitian parents. She is Haitian.

  3. Well Tucker is about the biggest slime ball on the planet of the earth I wouldn’t let a dead dog near him let alone anyone I like he must not have any family because if he did they wouldn’t want to be near him either he just needs to be put out of his misery

  4. 7:54
    The leftists really need to work on their vocabulary, they seem to use the same words over and over again sounding like broken records but it's not as if they are smart enough to come up with anything else=)
    Intelligence is not what the left is know for, it's more about whining screaming blaming shaming name-calling bullying and other things you can expect from children;

  5. Omg she looks like that incompetent mayor in the leftist city that is going insane, only slightly younger.
    The question is…if America is so bad for her and people like her then why is she living there…?
    If a place is so so bad then LEAVE, go somewhere great then, if you can find it. No one cares

  6. well although she is over the top, it is sad to see so many americans having amnesia. there is NO doubt, that america was built on slavery, and still exploits the rest of the world. It just stands to reason.. sorry.

  7. ".. a humorless Gender Studies major from Greenwich …" 🤣

    And bless the 1st Amendment for allowing citizens to express thoughts freely. This part of the Constitution is under relentless attack right now and should be defended at all costs. No ground should be yielded – none – if the Democracy we believe in is to survive.

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