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Tyler1 countered Sion’s scripts

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39 thoughts on “Tyler1 countered Sion's scripts”
  1. There’s definitely a trick to countering scripts that once you figure out makes it easy to beat. Since scripts make the enemy dodge abilities if you aim them the way they’re running you can force them to path back towards you so you can auto them. Ex: i saw a video where ezreal was vs a script kog. The kog could’ve just ran away but ez kept throwing his q in the direction the kog was trying to run and the kog kept turning back towards ezreal to dodge the qs letting him finish him with his autos. Example for this game would be if galio uses e to cut sion off and make him step towards galios team instead

  2. People will see shit like this of people BLATANTLY cheating in front of thousands of people and not getting banned and
    refuse to believe people do smaller shit in this game lol

  3. I remember watching a streamer that said something along these lines:
    "If you need to use hacks/streamsnipe to win a game, then you're no problem for me."

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