Ultimate p2000/Ryzen Powered Micro-Unraid server build guide!

This is a step-by-step guide on how to build a small, but super powerful Unraid/Plex Media Server! Powered by an NVIDIA Quadro P200 and a Ryzen 3700x.

FULL Hardware List:

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29 thoughts on “Ultimate p2000/Ryzen Powered Micro-Unraid server build guide!

  1. Great build but with only 1 video card dedicated to Plex none of your VMs have a dedicated video and so your limited to web based VNC which is not the best. Also after boot no server video I guess once Plex takes over the card.

  2. Hey Jason, any chance you can recommend any updated parts to this build? I am looking to build a Plex server and this build looks great, but wanted to get your opinion on the equipment list. What would you change? Anything new that should replace the old? GPU, CPU, HDD's? Just want to make sure I have the latest and greatest. Thanks again for the great videos.

  3. Hi! Any possibility to install a better air cooler like the Noctua nh-d15 in this case? Even if needs to remove that back fan. I think if it's possible, the nh-d15 would be better than having a small CPU cooler and a back fan. I want to build this as my main computer and my NAS, so there will be a 1080ti Mini from Zotac inside as well.

  4. Great videos and insights !
    Fast forwarding 11 months later – wonder your thoughts on how AMD has been working with Unraid? Dec 2020 would you as easily recommend AMD as you would intel on the basis of compatibility and stability?

  5. Hello, I hope you answer this. Umm, why would I need a GPU in my NAS? For Plex? And, why do I need a 3700X? And a 450W PSU?
    I mean in general, why are you using such high specs for a NAS?

    I was thinking that I want a NAS with the lowest possible specs beside RAM capacity, in order to keep power consumption as low as possible, AND, because (supposedly, I'm not sure anymore) all I'm gonna be doing is, storing files on it!

    Now.. I already purchased this case, DS380, as the first component of my NAS build, and I'm looking to expand the storage slowly starting with 2*16TB drives.
    And it's going to be mainly a media server. For 4K UHD HDR movies!

    With that said though, I will have a dedicated HTPC. So, does having a HTPC mean I won't need a powerful NAS such as this one?
    Or like.. is it just better recommended to run a Plex server/Plex NAS, which implicitly means it needs to be powerful!

    I guess I need to read a lot more… I'm a bit lost

  6. Hey, uhh at 15:40 you mentioned only using 2 screws to hold in your drives. I've always heard that for NAS especially you want them secured to eliminate as much vibration as possible so you get as much time out of the drives as possible. LMK if this is true.

  7. Jason, so unraid now has native support for hardware encode and decode with Nvidia gpus? I have been running my media server on a local Ubuntu desktop machine, but I am moving everything to a rack mount solution with limited availability to remote in, and I might switch to unraid if the nvenc support is native.

  8. Little question for you,
    I am in process to build a server with ryzen 3700.
    No more nvidia p2000 on market in my country, can i use à p2200 ?
    It will make the performance or less?

    Thanks you very much for all your stuff

  9. Also (sorry, I feel like such a n00b over here…) but are you directing the metadata to be stored on your 2.5" SSD in a setting somwhere, or is this something you are doing manually? ie. poster art, etc.

  10. I'm a bit confused (and embarrassed that maybe I'm missing something), what do you need the USB 3.0 flash drive for other than installation? Like… which SSD are you installing the OS on?

  11. Man, what a missed opportunity for ECC memory. Why even go Ryzen, then? You could have gone with QSV, saved a ton of money on the P2000, and used a proper HBA. I wouldn't trust that M.2 SATA adapter with my drives for an instant.

  12. Jason,
    Nice job with your videos!!
    Hey what set up combo(components) do you recommemd to set up a small server that will mainly be used as storage, file exchanging between 3 computers, and host 2 or 3 softwares that will be used by 2 users. Your suggestions will be really well appreciate it.

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