War Robots – Arthur Titan With All Max Defence Modules Boosts Health To 1 Million! | WR Gameplay

War Robots – Gameplay of an Arthur Titan with MAX Defence Modules giving Arthur a boost in health to over 1 million. ABSOLUTELY INSANE! – WR Gameplay

Music provided by Monstercat
Always in a Nightmare by Au5 & Nytrix

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Ao Ming or Arthur: https://youtu.be/5A5QODdvNxk
Best Weapon Setups For All Titans: https://youtu.be/z_j3uvq8Tuk

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47 thoughts on “War Robots – Arthur Titan With All Max Defence Modules Boosts Health To 1 Million! | WR Gameplay

  1. Me: I can barely kill one Titan per a match.
    Adrian: just casually killing like 3+ Titans per a match.
    Me: just going to my room and crying myself to sleep in shame.

  2. Me: You can't survive without your shields and do much damage with only two weapons on Arthur!

    Adrian: Hold my shield, a vengeance and 80% health.

  3. @ADRIAN CHONG I feel sorry for your opponents, they were the whole team, but they couldn't catch you. Good luck to the channel, your videos are very interesting.

  4. Formula: This Ultra OP Arthur has 1,128,816 HP right? ( with plated armor kit 3x maxed and hp boosters) But you get 170 defence points which according to war robots wiki table means 63% damage resistance means that enemies will only deal 37% of the damage. That means the effective hp is 1,128,816 x 2.26 = 2,551,124 (point 16) or Two million five hundred and fifty one thousand one hundred and twenty four.
    Plus the shield. 2,551,124 + 1,534,000 (if no shield booster is running) = 4,085,124. Pixonic, you have reaslized that you have virtually created an unkillable bot with an effective hp of 4 million including shield. If 1 redeemer ao jun maxed lets say deals 500k damage, that thing needs to fly 8 times to kill this titan.
    Wow pixonic. nice job
    you created a virtually unkillable 4 million hp Arthur (4,085,124 with the shield).

    You know what I would say?
    Pay To Win
    even with a full cossack hangar if you have just 1 arthur at champion league you would be unkillable and can turn the entire match.
    Pay, play for 2 months, pixonic nerfed the robot, pixonic introduced the new OP robot, repeat.

    Adrian, if you seen this, copy this all and report it to Pixonic.

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