War Robots Test server, storm & ravana nerf, redeemer buff, Drones,

War Robots Test server, storm & ravana nerf, redeemer buff, Drones,Awesome Fun War robots videos, Weapon and Robot Reviews, The Latest news, Build …

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  1. storms will get a Nerf like it or not so we have to look at it like this, if they do halfway descent after the nerf we we should be happy. most of us do not like the storm nerf, i dont either but its almost guaranteed to o happen so as long as its not worthless after the nerf that is a good thing..

    ravana really needs more of a Nerf on its ability, not just a drop in HP and the beacon thing, not being able to get beacons when in its ability is nice but not quite enough to make it less of a pain to deal with.

    redeemer is not being nerfed, it may have less damage per shot but they say its doing a little more damage overall due to unloading its ammo faster so its really like a slight buff

  2. Hey lightning WR can you tell me how much money you make for one video I know it's wired but I need to know if I'm going to be a full-time YouTuber or planning to quit my job

  3. I'm glad the Redeemers does more damage, I put them back on my Ao Jun n got to Rampage. Not Bad, Ehh.? @Danny Lighting —-> what's up with the Traditionalist Falcon, skill.? you can only use the main weapon🤷‍♂️ I'd rather have the Deft Survivor, at least I can use the Falcon's ability(2 more heavy guns an jump). Pixonic will take the drones away, WATCH. Who needs a Robin for my Bat Bot.? the drones look Ridiculous floating around, makes the battlefield crowded with Junk. I can't imagine 12 bot's with 12 drones going into battle. Next thing you know, pixonic will come out with Killer Satellite's, now.. that would be Cool. 1 other thing, why did the Authur get a bump up; but the Ao Ming got Nerfed.? I Hope I catch you Live tomorrow, Thank's Again👍🏼

  4. I always hated drones but I like wasp somehow, anything wasp in WR looks good and functions well….
    But why aren't its wings flapping 🤔

  5. Hey lightning WR I really love what you're doing always reading your comments do you think you can shout me out in your next video please respond you can say no it's ok one more thing what do you think I should get aou ming or athur

  6. Are they on drugs or something???

    Storm is a frikin shotgun, it's made for close range. No other weapon is better than a SHOTGUN at close range and point blank. I agree with the ravana nerf tho. But the storms don't deserve it. And plus we all know that this game is pay to win, and weapons like storm and avengers are good weapon for F2P's. DO NOT NERF THE STORMS, THEY ARE MADE FOR CLOSE RANGE!!!

  7. To nerf the ravana all they need to do slow the bot down while in transcends mode by 25% to 50%. It will be a lot harder to close the gap between bots, less point blank shots. Not being able to turn beacons is a great idea but should be extended to bots in the air also.

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