What is User Experience Design? What is the difference between UX Design and UI Design in 2018?

What is UX design? The term UX design is often used incorrectly and interchangeably with UI design. What’s the difference between UX and UI design?

42 thoughts on “What is User Experience Design? What is the difference between UX Design and UI Design in 2018?

  1. Thank God this didnt disappear after that sunday night, cause it's november 2020 and this helped me so much rn on this ux project for uni, you guys are the best!

  2. Just digged a bit trough the channel, you guys have everything covered. Design fundamentals, business, psychology 🤯 Going to design school just does not make sense to me… I think I'm going to make my own curriculum from your content, and sharpen up my skills 🙂

  3. Thank you for open up this conversation. I do agree #UX us a big buzz word many designers are using to enhance their resumes. I think UX design is also removing as much of the guess work through testing. Know and understand what is the intention of the design before you built anything.

  4. wow…this show is amazing 🙂 and I liked the answer about the relation between brand guide lines and UX design and the discussion followed, it was very informative…thanks Ben Burns, Matthew Encina and the Futur.

  5. Nice! i wish i could download this one. Not my thing but interested to learn UX 🙂 Hey Matthew, if you come to visit the Philippines, PLEASE, bring your gears! or you may not, we got a lot here. I'm gonna bring you to the best crags here! We are currently developing the soon to be the 'climbing capital' of the country. Bring the super fit Chris too hahaha, he got some pull up powers! 🙂

  6. Those slides man… nom nom nom
    Edit: Missed the sharp and edgy teacher tone of Chris. On the other hand it was really nice to have this conversation style between Ben and Matthew, really enjoyed the synergy, looking forward to the next episode!

  7. So much great stuff to unpack here, and some good humor thrown in as well (@30:47 lol). Love your UX graphic, and the shoutout to SOUND design as an important part of UX. Thank you for the awesome content!

  8. Speaking of the positive emotional response, I heard a designer recently say "great design surprises" and I can't agree more. I think if people are surprised, delighted and somewhat challenged on their experience, it will generally be more memorable and therefore more successful from a design standpoint.

  9. 43:50 Where does UX end and UI begin. I agree UX is a high level view of the project, where scope, objectives, requirements and restrictions are numbered and described. It's a concept, ruled by words and ideas and goal list docs. When the part of UI comes in the project, the concept takes shape, order, color, interaction. Conveys the message with the support of graphic design (and data viz and info design and custom device behaviour). Yes, sktech in order to be a pre-wireframe stage is in the realm of UI, just like a tree line draw of category and sub categories. UX is more written words, numbers, ideas that define the whole goal of the project. And UI as a part of UX, interprets the purpose set at the begining of the poject. It´s like a layered interaction along the duration of the project.

  10. Great video. Thanks for clearing out the concept of UX and UI design. It keeps popping up 80% now as a requirement for design submissions/experience. And I honestly had no clue what they meant. I just knew It´s not what I do. But I would like the know more about the process and ways to get to understand better the user. As a design process I´m really interested on that stage.

  11. if i got it right, UX design in brief is a series of conscious actions or alterations you make on the interactive process between a customer and a product, with the goal of getting a precise kind of emotional feedback. i still find it difficult to differentiate it from branding.

  12. This makes alot of sense actually. I love you guys defined Branding versus User Experience.
    My idea about branding is that it is more company or business-centric as to how you want your audience to react with your brand. While User Experience is more focused on user, that's why it involves continuous collection of data and iterations because you are adapting or adjusting on how your user behaves while using your product or service.

    This is definitely a great video! Make more videos!

  13. great episode as usual, one thing that is often missed when talking about target audience vs users profiles/ personas is that (well although sometimes representative of the same people, fundamentally they are constructed very differently an for very different purposes but) your target audience could be a business owner like Chris Do, but the users will be employees like Ben and Mathew. And that's why product designer will relay on target audience vs users designer on users.

  14. I caught the show pretty late unfortunately…I will try and get the next one.

    The great part of this information is that it reminds me of TRON or environmental design, except it's in a digital space. I like that Ben used the physical definitions or references, brilliant.

    Great stuff as always.

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