What's new in PHP 8.0

In this video I cover most of the changes made in PHP8.0.

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Table of Contents
00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Just-In-Time (JIT)
02:56 – Project setup
04:41 – Names Arguments
10:12 – Union Types
12:34 – Constructor Property Promotion
14:03 – Null-Safe Operator
16:36 – Trailing Comma in Parameters
17:51 – Match Expression
19:51 – Attributes
35:18 – WeakMaps
42:05 – Mixed Type
43:15 – Throw Exception From New Places
44:07 – Call ::class on objects
44:26 – Non-Capturing Catch
45:08 – New String Functions
45:48 – Summary

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50 thoughts on “What's new in PHP 8.0

  1. I’m new to php . But I learned typescript and python and I’m new to backend dev in general. I could pickup php faster. How do I know when I’m ready to learn Laravel. I’m interested in making rest apis what framework’s do I use to do that

  2. Greetings from Pakistan
    your are awesome teacher
    i am new to php my request to u is please use HTML in projects so people like me can easily understand. shopping cart tutorial is super but for me with out HTML it took much time to understand what is going on.
    so Please do me favour

  3. What is new in php? Nothing – you will keep on using it because… well I don't know why really. I mean there are so many better technologies out there. However, you will keep on using it. So who really cares whats new. Most people who use php don't know how to program anyway. So why are we even having this conversation –Just upgrade.

  4. Amazing Video . To the point explanation. While the reddit world is debating if php is alive or not, php 8 is turning up to be as good as kotlin or Java. And here in my stupid job, we still maintain websites in php 5.4.

    I need to subscribe to your channel and see what you upload next.

  5. Nice explanation. I like to see the old code being refactored to the new code. But I didn't understand the Attributes portion. All I could understand is that it is something that frameworks will use and not my own code. I would like a video explaining it in more details with production-like code and what is the advantage of using Attributes. Thank you very much.

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