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5 thoughts on “Which Fire Emblem Game Has The Longest Script? (FE1 – FE16)”
  1. Very interesting, a few of these surprised me. I actually expected Awakening to be even lower than it is.
    Some advice, I would recommend in the future that you edit out the little stumbles, like "ums" and pauses. It makes it sound a bit more natural and helps the flow. But good editing and explanations!

  2. So, this is probably going to be a load of confusion, but:
    1) Is this using English word count? If so, how does language alteration affect the word count?
    2) Also, if using English, are we using the US Shadow Dragon or the EU Shadow Dragon?
    3) Do branching map paths, item/skill descriptions and bad endings affect the word count?
    4) Are Shin Monshou's trial maps counted? If not, then shouldn't BS Fire Emblem be counted as standalone? If so, how do we count the words of the Soundlink audio?

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