17 thoughts on “White 444 hack script 😱 exposed in live stream full clip of White444 using hack 💔

  1. bro i not that white 444 is wrong but now he his in depression we should support him and tell him to not use hack he is our inspiration plz he didnot use hack when he uploded video before but know he uses hack and we dint know the reason behind it

  2. Acha mujhe ek baat batao iss baat ka kya proof hai ki vo script ya hack file hi thi vo blur tha kisiko nhi pta toh kyun alligations lga rhe ho
    or ek baat ye video redox ne 2 month pehle upload kiya tha toh ye kal kal mein itna viral kaise hua sirf india me
    Hai koi strong proof

  3. “`White 444 introduced jump shot in free fire ,That trick is working too
    So many players use That.and my point is if white was a hacker …then what is the use of jump SHOT…..

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