In this video from the last Save the Cat! one-day event, writer Matt Allen shares his experience and advice. Watch Matt, whose credits with partner Caleb Wilson include Four Christmases and Soul Surfer, and learn a key career move.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Always Be Writing a Spec Script”
  1. I got caught out there just after my 5th spec that was optioned by a seriously reputable Hollywood production company. As I waited for the greenlight, spending all my time revising the same script for their satisfaction, two years pass and I didn't write anything new. And, of course, the project was never greenlit as they put it aside for another type of genre type spec. I recently broke long drought by finishing my first feature script in 3 years. And as I start my 2nd draft after notes given to me by my Oscar nominated screenwriting mentor, I'm on to the next script. I told myself, "never let that happen again". From here on, I will be writing back to back scripts until…

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