31 thoughts on “Woman Evolve Podcast Hosted by: Sarah Jakes Roberts

  1. Can y'all please pray for my sister Lasandra she's in the hospital in the doctor's did alot of test and don't know what's going on please pray for healing in her body we need all the prayers we can get please

  2. I have 2 twin nieces 1 nephew and 5 more nieces and nephews through marriages so I don't need any and I don't want any (my choice), plus I only like babies up to 1 year once they hit 2 years I don't want anything to do with them lol.

  3. See it is different when you are a Teacher like me and love working with kids. I also do not have children of my own just yet, but to teach them is a whole different level then being a parent. Teachers 😄 have to love teaching in order to be next to children💪🏾💜

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