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Did you know it’s possible to try WordPress for free? There are a few places online that will provide free web hosting and allow you to install WordPress.

We have tested a couple of these free hosts and have posted YouTube tutorials on how to set these up.

One service called, InfinityFree has a very full featured hosting service. While the speed is not amazing, its still pretty solid. We did notice some very occasional downtime in our testing, but nothing to be too alarmed about.

For a more complete site build, a full Astra & Elementor tutorial is here; Skip to around 13 minutes in where the customization starts:

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26 thoughts on “WordPress Free Hosting Tutorial – InfinityFree”
  1. After downloading the WordPress packages I mash on the site link but it doesn't open, it tells me "Unable to reach this page". I waited a while but no dice.

  2. sir after installing wordpress and loading website which i got, it's showing their An Error Occurred

    Services for this domain name have been disabled. like this what should i do now?

  3. For some reason when i try to install new themes to my site i get this error message.

    Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions

  4. installed wordpress but it show 's
    CPanel Hosting

    Free Web Domain

    Free Domain

    Hosting Webhosting

    Free Website Hosting

    Free Ecommerce Website

    A Free Website

    Please help me!!

  5. An excellent tutorial video just the way it should be. Simple and to-the-point without wasting any time. Really loved it. I'm your subscriber now.

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